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Yoga and Chiropractic: A Symbiotic Relationship

Yoga and Chiropractic: A Symbiotic Relationship When recommending exercises and stretches to our chiro clients, it is often that they are similar to, or actually are, some of the poses used in yoga practice. We as well often suggest that finding a yoga class would be beneficial as a beginner in the practice of yoga as they may enjoy trying it out to help strengthen the foundation around the spine that we are currently working on. While some are reluctant, especially males, it is important to remember that yoga is designed to promote flexibility but also allows the body to relax. Motion and balance are two necessities to creating and maintaining a healthy life which both chiropractic and yoga focus on. Chiropractic and Yoga can therefore work in harmony to increase proper posture, range of motion and flexibility which are all crucial elements to both practices. Let’s talk more about how the two connect. Chiropractic and the spine’s role in the body: Th

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